In 2011, the Montgomery Education Foundation (MEF) implemented a community engagement model, “Believe It,” to create thoughtful community discussion and capture the community’s input regarding the public school system. The outcome of those initial conversations were analyzed and compiled in a community agreement that shared what the community identified as the most important targets: 

  • Student Achievement
  • Teacher Quality and Support
  • Resources for All Schools
  • Parental and Community Involvement
  • Safety

In the Spring of 2012, Montgomery Public Schools' Board of Education passed a resolution committing to working with the community on the identified targets. In addition, the Montgomery Public School System has initiated a process of District wide accreditation and the development of a new strategic plan.

Beginning in Fall 2015, MEF ventured into a partnership with B.O.N.D.S. and EMERGE Montgomery to develop the framework for a Neighborhood/School Partnership pilot program. This pilot seeks to mobilize community associations, parent-teacher groups, and school leadership in our public schools in order to support the needs and challenges of both students and educators. By aligning joint expectations, goals, and areas for improvement between our schools and communities, we believe classrooms can be better resourced and the leaders in our schools have the necessary strong partnerships to move their students toward higher achievement.

supporting students in achieving academic excellence starts in the neighborhoods where students live.
— montgomery education foundation


The Montgomery Education Foundation, in partnership with Montgomery Public Schools, has developed the We C.A.N. Network – an opportunity for Montgomery citizens to come together for real conversation followed by real action. Our Network Nights are held in schools throughout the district and invite all stakeholders to the table. School leaders, educators, students, parents, local business owners, clergy, and civic leaders share their goals, challenges, progress and needs with the local community in real time and space. Network nights also provide opportunities to make sure connections are made where they are needed so every person in attendance can take the next steps to make their vision for our kids and our school come to reality. Ultimately, that means our whole community succeeds. That’s what the WE C.A.N. Network is all about.

This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done with the biggest payout.
— Dr. Antonio Williams, Lanier High Principal
— Dillon Nettles, Community Programs Director