The Brain Forest Blog: A Teacher's View

Brain Forest has truly been rewarding for me.  I’ve had the pleasure of teaching amazing students that are eager to learn and share their thoughts aloud.  Being able to teach and allow students to learn through project-based lessons has created a climate that is conducive to learning.

My students have been given the opportunity to work independently, with a partner, and in group settings using a variety of resources.  I enjoy watching them learn and I always try to make learning fun in order to grasp their attention to help them become successful learners.  Technology has also made an impact on their learning daily.

I plan to use the knowledge gained from Brain Forest in my own classroom for the upcoming school year.  I’ve had several students to say that they hope to be able to attend Brain Forest on next year. I hope I have the opportunity to teach at Brain Forest again in the future because it has been such a phenomenal experience.

Mrs. Crittendon is a Kindergarten teacher at Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet School. This is her first year teaching in the Brain Forest. 


Ms. Crittendon
Montgomery Ed